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Roma Tiny House Model: Unique Historical Touch and Functionality Together

Roma Tiny House model represents an original concept designed for those who want to maintain a minimalist lifestyle. This unique house design stands out not only for functionality but also for admiration for historic Roman architecture. Roma Tiny House offers homeowners the opportunity to combine contemporary comfort with a historical touch.

This special model is inspired by the fascinating architecture of the Roman Empire. The stone-like materials and arch details used on the exterior surround the house with the atmosphere of ancient Rome. However, it is not only a visual attraction, it is also possible to feel this historical breeze in the interior arrangement. Roma Tiny House offers a useful living space by establishing a practical and aesthetic balance.

The interior design of this model stands out with smart storage solutions and multi-purpose areas. Inspired by the famous forums in Roman architecture, the open concept increases the feeling of spaciousness while expanding the living space. Additionally, details such as hidden cabinets and foldable furniture offer an optimized living experience by using every corner.

Energy efficiency has not been ignored in the Roma Tiny House model. Solar panels are integrated into the roof to meet the energy needs of the house. This sustainable energy solution not only supports environmentally friendly living, but also allows homeowners to save on energy costs. This unique Tiny House model also offers an ideal option for those who love mobile living. Its lightweight and portable structure provides the freedom to be easily moved to the desired location. Roma Tiny House is an original housing alternative for those who adopt an active lifestyle today.

The Roma Tiny House model is not only a house, but also a lifestyle expression. Combining the elegance of ancient Rome with the practicality of modern life, this design offers homeowners not only a comfortable living space but also a historical atmosphere. With Roma Tiny House, the magic of the past and the functionality of the future come together, offering a unique housing experience and opening a new era in living spaces.

Roma Tiny House Model; are portable small houses that are made using special materials and can be towed by a vehicle that complies with the highway regulations.If you are considering buying a Tiny House, you should pay attention to the quality of the materials used.

Below you can find the production details for the Tiny House models we manufacture.


Technicial Specifications

12mm thick french polished paneling (thermowood)
0,66mm anthracite painted galvanized sheet (bracket)
Moisture and vapor barrier
6mm thick marine poplar wood
Matt lacquer paint on 8mm thick raw MDF
5cm thick XPS insulation material
0.15mm thick stainless painted mild steel construction
Electrical installation prepared with fireproof cable
Thermal installation protection
Sockets, switches and lighting equipment
Bathroom & WC Technical Details
6mm tempered shower glass and anthracite painted aluminum frame
Choosing the most suitable shower cabin size according to the size of the models
Creavit brand porcelain toilet and covers with shock absorber
inox battery pack
Countertop porcelain sink suitable for the project
22mm solid wood french polished bench
All doors are matte lacquer paint on raw MDF

Roma Tiny House Model

Roma Tiny House model is in suite room concept. The architects are working very well for the Tiny House Roma model. It is a tiny house model that you can buy with a low budget to sell you the most comfortable living space.

Technical Data

Length: 6 m, Width: 2.5 m
5 m2 bathroom area
Suite hotel room concept
Use of coat hangers and closets
Cabinet for mini fridge inside
Interior coating is painted MDF plate and natural
Anthracite color seam and teak wood Thermowood combination outer coating
Combination of seam and teak on the facade

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